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Wise Enough to Play the Fool:
A Tudor Court Mystery
What's the story about? Well...
ebook cover w english roman font.jpg
ebook cover w english roman font.jpg

In the treacherous court of Tudor England, a reluctant King Henry VIII must decide the fate of his former servant, Thomas Cromwell. As Cromwell pleads for mercy, Will Somers, the quick-witted fool in Henry VIII's court, sets out to sway the king's heart and alter the course of history. But when a mysterious figure visits the king, Cromwell's fate is sealed and his head falls on the executioner's block. 

As power shifts in the game of thrones, forces at court try to discover who Henry’s late night visitor was and eliminate her forever. In a world of deception and danger, how can one woman foil them all and create her own fate?

Fans of historical fiction and political intrigue will be captivated by this tale of ambition, betrayal, and survival in the cutthroat world of Tudor England.  

If you enjoyed Philippa Gregory's "The Other Boleyn Girl," you'll love this gripping story that brings to life the dangerous court of Henry VIII.

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