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Major Deception

In 18th-century Boston, a transported English thief, Hannah Turner, must navigate a treacherous world when her dear friend is nearly murdered. To uncover the truth, Hannah plunges into a dangerous game of suspicion and secrets, with suspects ranging from her friend's menacing pimp to a resentful British colonel. Hannah's journey for justice in colonial Boston's turbulent times promises an unexpected twist that will leave readers breathless.

 Wise Enough to Play the Fool 

In Tudor England's treacherous court Henry VIII puts aside Anne of Cleves to marry his fifth queen. On his wedding day, the reluctant king must decide the fate of his former servant, Thomas Cromwell. After a shadowy figure visits the king, Cromwell faces the executioner's block. It's the cunning Princess Elizabeth who uncovers the culprit, teaching her the invaluable lesson never to underestimate the power of a queen.

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