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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog! I am so glad you stopped by. It’s great to meet others interested in Tudor history and historical fiction.

A wise author and book marketer, Fauzia Burke, told me that blogs should be useful to the reader. The question that followed, of course, is what can I offer that is useful?

I am a recovering academic. My day job keeps me deep in libraries, databases, and special collections. I know not everyone has the time and, if I am honest, the ability to self-indulge in all the bookish things I can.

So how might I apply that to those of us interested in Tudor history and fiction?

Well, of course, I thought of Margaret Cavendish and her novel Blazing World. (Who am I kidding? I have a PDF of Blazing World and used the control + F function to search.) But she did say “those that had applied themselves to the study of several Arts and Sciences; for they were as ingenious and witty in the invention of profitable and useful Arts…”

Well, if I replace Cavendish’s word “Arts” with “blog,” I do hope that I can collect ingenious and witty pieces of information from deep in the archives and bring them to you here.

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